10 Star PTY LTD is an innovative accredited energy assessing and sustainable design firm exclusively focused on sustainable living and creating architecturally beautiful marvels. We specialise in providing nationally recognised accredited Thermal Performance (Energy Rating) assessments, certifications and sustainable design services for residential and commercial buildings to builders, architects, designers, home owners and building certifiers.


Our vision is to be able to hand the earth down to the next generation in a better shape then how we received it from our parents. We all must do our part to make this happen and all that starts with a good design.


Why the name 10 Star? This was chosen as it relates directly to the national energy rating scheme, we always aim for 10 Stars and this simple objective drives all our work as we aim to get the maximum rating possible for each of our projects. By understanding how homes perform in their environment and how people live and work in them, all our plans are designed to work with you and your surroundings.


We are proud to announce that 10 Star PTY LTD has several degrees in sustainable design as well as several in building and construction and is now also accredited with NatHERS and the Building Design Association of Victoria BDAV to assess and certify as well as design new homes (and existing homes undergoing an extension/alterations/addition) compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia and the Building Code of Australia 2010 (BCA 2010).


In an ideal world greenhouse gas emissions and our rapidly degrading environment wouldn’t be a pressing topic in today’s society. Needless to say it’s very important that we acknowledge the importance of doing our part in preventing this issue from getting any worse and tackling the sectors that are major contributors to these issues, which include the building industry contributing to 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. However, back over in reality we must be smarter in the way we design and build to help confront this issue, we intend to push sustainable practices in all our designs and aim to create a more sustainable future one that we can hand down better than what we received.