When building or renovating having a building energy assessor work with you during the design process of your new project will give you both immediate and long lasting lifestyle and health benefits as well as the peace of mind that you are doing your part to help the environment.

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Not only is each plan designed to suite your site but designed to work with it as well. Our plans are created to work with your surroundings and create a home that is not only architecturally beautiful but energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Talk to the team at 10 Star about your next project. We offer a non-obligated free quote on all our services. We know once you find out the benefits of a truly sustainable design you will be as passionate as we are.

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We are a small firm that believes in creating a greener future and are committed to continually innovate and work towards placing sustainability at the core of the all our practices.

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We offer a range of services from energy assessing to consultancy to designing an architecturally beautiful and energy efficient marvel. Talk to us today, we would love to hear about your next project.


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For energy assessments send a copy of your plans to us for a non-obligated free quote. For our 10 Star design services call us today to discuss your next project.
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